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Script To Fix Windows Updates On Remote Machines

I have created a quick script that will fix Windows Update on remote machines. It will need to be saved as a .bat file and requires PSTOOLS. If you have a machine that’s not picking up updates, or not reporting in correctly, or failing to install updates you can use this script. This can be […]

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Windows Time Machine

I found a rather strange bug in windows a few weeks ago. It decided it was apparently a time machine and had gone back in time. As you can see Windows thinks it’s the Year 1629! Now Windows will not allow you to set a date like this. It also reset my language to all […]

Growing Cucamelons

A Cucamelon is a small cucumber-like fruit that are shaped like baby watermelons. It originates from Mexico. Cucamelons have a cucumber-like taste with a touch of lime. Which makes them perfect for adding to salads, pickling, adding in a Gin and tonic or even making a fresh Chilli Salsa. I plan to try all the above. I want to […]

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Growing Camellia sinensis

I wanted to grow something different this year. I have never grown Camellia sinensis before. But it would make a nice indoor plant which can be harvested from. Camellia sinensis is the plant Tea is produced from. I’m growing Camellia sinensis var. assamica. This is the Indian variety. Camellia sinensis on it’s own is the Chinese variety. […]

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Moving IMAP email to Exchange

While moving email from Open Source version of Zimbra (Which only supports IMAP in Outlook, as it has its own Zimbra Client) to a Microsoft Exchange based system I ran into a strange problem. In Outlook E-Mails in folders would not show, yet they would on the OWA (Webmail) interface. This is because when the […]

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