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Miller & Carter Steakhouse

Miller & Carter is a chain of restaurants that specialise in Steak, Burgers and Grills.

14oz T-Bone Steak

14oz T-Bone Steak

I visited the “Bexley” Miller & Carter,which was the closest one to me on 28th December in the Evening. The restaurant has ample parking, and a little welcome desk area upon entering. The restaurant is situated in an old converted barn, which shows off natural wooden planks and the wooden roof. They even have a small upstairs dining area which also overlooks the restaurant area below.

There is plenty of seating available and even tables for people who are waiting for their table to become ready. The bar area is small but very well laid out, and I was able to find a table to sit at, and the atmosphere throughout is pleasant.

The price was reasonable for a steakhouse. On average it’s about £15 for a basic steak meal but can range up-to £30-£40 depending on the cut of meat and any extras you wish to add. Such as lobster or Ribs. I went all out for a T-Bone as I had never had one before.

I would revisit this restaurant and would be glad to recommend it to friends and family. It’s a nice enjoyable experience.

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