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Growing Camellia sinensis

Hopefully  mine will grow like this

Hopefully mine will grow like this

I wanted to grow something different this year. I have never grown Camellia sinensis before. But it would make a nice indoor plant which can be harvested from.

Camellia sinensis is the plant Tea is produced from. I’m growing Camellia sinensis var. assamica. This is the Indian variety. Camellia sinensis on it’s own is the Chinese variety.

I’m growing a total of 5 plants and hope they all germinate but I will be happy with just one plant. As sometimes Camellia sinensis seeds can be hard to germinate.
The seeds have a hard outer shell, and needed to be soaked in warm water, and left for 24 hours soaking. I however left mine for 48 hours.

The seeds where then planted in 5 inch pots filled with moist seed compost, and buried about 1-2cm deep. The pots where then placed directly into my heated propagator.

If the seeds germinate they will be placed into my light box, then when the plants get stronger I will be able to grow new ones from cuttings.

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