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Brewing My First Beer

BeerBrewingI decided today, to finally start brewing my own beer at home. I have never brewed beer before, so it was something of a challenge.

I’m not new to brewing, I have done Wines, Cider and English Ginger Beer. The type without hops.

Today I started to brew a beer called Woodfordes Wherry. It’s a British Bitter, should be a nice golden colour when finished and around 3.5-4%. Can’t wait for this to start fermenting to see what fantastic smell comes from it.

I used Tescos own bottled mineral water, very cheap 17p for 2 litres. I chose this because I did not want to boil that amount of water or use unfiltered tap water. As there could possibly be a slight chlorine taste otherwise.

It will be in the fermenting barrel for about a week and if the gravity stays the same it will then be put into bottles and left to condition for a few weeks.

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