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Growing Cucamelons

A Cucamelon is a small cucumber-like fruit that are shaped like baby watermelons. It originates from Mexico. Cucamelons have a cucumber-like taste with a touch of lime. Which makes them perfect for adding to salads, pickling, adding in a Gin and tonic or even making a fresh Chilli Salsa. I plan to try all the above. I want to see how they will flavour a fresh Chilli Salsa, then have a cheeky Gin and Tonic on the side.  😉

The plants will trail and climb. The Cucamelon has small yellow flowers and can produce a large quantity of fruit.
I will be planting these in my heated propagator to germinate them, before eventually planting them outside and giving some away to friends.

I have never grown these before, only growing them because I was interested in what they where. Time will tell if this was a good idea or not!

A Cucamelon

A Cucamelon

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